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One of the first tornadoes spotted this year was near a familiar site, Otis Colorado.  Back in an area where Tornado Tim knows the roads well.  In this location there were no roads going south for almost 6 miles.   Getting closer to this tornado was not  possible. This is one of the problems of storm chasing, lack or roads around the tornado. We drove east on Hi-way 34 but by the time we turned south to get closer  it pulled back up into the clouds.

Spinning fast and tight it was a short lived event lasting less than 10 minutes  and was filtered through the rain making it less impressive, but still rewarding.   A tornado watch was issued for the area and as it turns out was needed.    This tornado was spinning very rapidly and was an awesome sight.
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F0 Tornado Otis Colorado

F0 Tornado Otis Colorado
Small rope tornado near Otis.

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