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Storm chasing in Wyoming this year Tornado Tim  found a funnel worming out of this storm on Saturday, June 30th 2001. Just as he saw it worm down from the clouds the NWS issued a tornado warning for Carpenter Wyoming. Our National Weather Service is incredibly fast at seeing tornadoes.  Tim was impressed with how fast their warnings came out, almost immediately at the same moment the tornado dropped from the sky NOAA weather radio sounded a tornado warning.  Hopefully everyone realizes how diligent our NWS workers are, they are truly life savers.

First NWS warning
As the tornado warnings continued people took cover in their basements.   From this location, just south and east of Carpenter Wyoming,   it appeared to be over the city of Carpenter.  The area has a history for tornado damage.
Their school had the roof torn off from a twister before. The form and shape of  the funnel continued to change as it wormed downward  from the sky towards the city of Carpenter. The National Weather Service  issued an updated tornado warning for the area.
Carpenter Wyoming Tornado
2nd NWS warning

Carpenter Wyoming Tornado
The funnel disappeared just as I was driving away from the location.

Severe Storm Cloud

Here is what the cloud looked like just 10 minutes after the tornado disappeared.


Storm chasing in the Nebraska panhandle Tornado Tim caught more severe storms. The National Weather Service put out tornado warnings on this cell as it moved south/southeast towards his location. Below are entries from Tim’s log.
Sunday, July 1st 2001. 

Dangerous Wall Cloud

I was nervous for a farm in the path of this storm which had a history of producing tornadoes. The last thing I was hoping to see was someone's home destroyed by a twister.  I anxiously watched as it threatened this farm with its violent winds.

I continued to see rapid rotation within the cell and small funnels would be begin to worm downward from the base of the wall cloud.  Ground disturbance would form   beneath these small funnels and ground rotation became clear and evident, it was trying to put more tornadoes down.  


Here you can see the small funnels worming out of the base of the wall cloud and the ground being stirred up.  Technically these are tornado touch downs even though the condensation funnel did not show a full connection. Doppler radar warnings of a tornado continued to sound so the rotation is both visible here and on radar.
 (WAV)Listen to the NWS NOAA weather radio warning

(MP3)Listen to the NWS NOAA weather radio warning

From the Nebraska Panhandle down to Sterling Colorado many tornadoes were reported with this severe storm. The National Weather Service tornado warnings continued to be sounded as the storm continued it's south/southeast movement.  Colorado as the storms were getting strong all around my location. Gravel roads were washed out  betweenYuma Colorado and Sterling and I soon ran out of roads to take. One road looked like it could be crossed, but the water got to the top of my front tires so I backed up. 

It turned out the water had washed out the road about 6 feet deep.  Water on the road may look passable at times, but in fact is not.  I was careful to not get the back end of my car in too deep so I could back out to safety.   That was a close one. When storm chasing you have to be very careful for washed out roads, they can be deadly.

Here are more storm chasing photos from other chases of Tornado Tim this year.

NorthCentral Colorado Wyoming Border

Near Colorado-Wyoming Border on the Pawnee National Grasslands.  Storm chasing in SouthWestern Nebraska

Southwestern Nebraska

Storm chasing you get to see many storms building like this.

Storm chasing Tornado Tim ran into a lot of company by this wall cloud.  There was a crew from the weather channel and behind them was a crew from the program "Atmospheres" which airs on the weather channel.  They were kind enough to talk about the storm and share information.  Krystallin traveled with Tornado Tim on this trip and was just as happy to see the weather channel crew, as she was the storm. 

This storm  became a giant vacuum cleaner sucking air from all four sides into the rotating wall cloud.  It was difficult to stand straight up when filming the cloud. Just after   this picture Tim drove to get in front of the storm, which was moving south, arriving at Bennet just in time to get the car windshield busted out from large hail.  The winds were well over 70 mph when the hail hit the car. A mobile home park was devastated by the hail knocking out windows and damaging the sides of the homes with large dents.  Hail piled up inside the homes as it blew through the now missing windows.

Storm chasing close to home this one looked as though it would produce a tornado, but never did.  Doppler radar showed rotation in it but it never received a tornado warning for this cell.  

Lightening strikes within a mile of us

It looked like it would tighten into a tornado but minutes after this photo was taken it began to hail and rain hard and 10 minutes later this storm died out with no visible wall cloud.

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Building Storm Cloud

Leading Edge of Severe Storm

Leading Edge of Severe Storm

Leading Edge of Severe Storm

Small Tornadoes drop from storm

Southwestern Nebraska

Building Storm Cloud

Building Storm Cloud with visible rotation

Building Storm Cloud

Wallcloud north of Fort Morgan Colorado

The following are wall clouds that began to form a tornadoes but didn't. 

Severe Storm showing strong rotation

Severe Storm showing strong rotation

Wallcloud causing destruction at DIA in Denver

Severe Storm Cloud

Severe Storm tightens into a cone shape

Lightening strikes within a mile of us  home of Tornado Tim