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Chasing Tornadoes
Well,  where has Tornado Tim been?  This year Tornado Tim has spent more time in front of the camera then behind it.  From a new TV series to air on National TV, to filming a movie with a French production company, Tim has been busy filming and acting this spring.  He also was filmed in a UK production in May and another documentary with an award winning production crew.  In all Tim was in 4 different films from three different countries.  We will keep you informed when these productions will be aired, so keep checking back.

Tornado Deaths high in 2008 worst in decades.......Read More

Below is a documentary on Tornado Tim and Kindra Baker as filmed by Getty Images.

I have received much criticism over letting my daughters come with me chasing. If they want to come along I have let them. The blogs on my space about this video are very cutting and many mean spirited.  I think it is based on peoples perception that life somehow can be lived in a safe manner. Life, living, is dangerous. People need to wake up and realize every year kids die on ski slopes, children die while hiking in the mountains, children die while riding rapids in rivers, and many die while riding in a car with their parents on highways.  All of those activities I just listed are very dangerous.  You can run, you can hide, but where ever you go you can loose your life at any moment.  The reality is anyone who chases with me is far more likely to die some place other than from chasing a tornado.  That's reality.  Those who think you are living in some safe little bubble may one day find it burst. Learn how to manage risk and danger, teach these principles to your kids and you will be doing more for them then trying to protect them from all the dangers by avoiding them.

Oklahoma storm builds under 4500 J/Kg CAPEStorms built rapidly near Erin Springs Oklahoma.  We were there about 40 minutes before the storm went severe, our predictions were dead on and we didn't miss the first big storms of the day.  Our new prediction system seems to be working well.  Under 4500 J/Kg  C.A.P.E  these storms went up in less then 30 minutes.  The hail got to over 2 inches before it trashed our windshield.  Oklahoma storm builds under 4500 J/Kg CAPE

Nothing gets prettier than a building supercell.

Oklahoma storm builds under 4500 J/Kg CAPEThe storms waited until dusk to fire up, but we had enough light to get some great shots.  New Improved Doppler on Wheels ROTATE Research Vehichle
The new Doppler truck for the ROTATE research team.

The new Hailinator failed to save our windshield on the first big chase. I didn't have time to deploy entire net and the windshield is not cracked on the passenger side.

Score -   Hailinator  47     Hail  1     Tornado 1 yup, direct hit......
The "Hailinator" is ready for action.

This should keep us from loosing our windows so easily we hope. New Camera mounts are in place this year for better filming.

Here is the Tornado Tim Ralph TV interview  home of Tornado Tim