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Chase Inside the Tornado
Kirksville Missouri Tornado and Novinger Missouri Tornado video here.   NWS says there were 3 separate tornadoes and I filmed 2 of tornadoes that day with the last one in Kirksville Mo. nearly killing me.

Kirksville Missouri Tornado Video  HD Taken from inside Kirksville, and then inside the tornado. Stock Tornado video of the Kirksville Missouri tornado available in HD. This is the only video shot from inside the city where the tornado hit.

Below is the only video taken immediately after the tornado hit Kirksville from within the subdivision next to the car dealership.

Novinger Missouri Tornado Video HD Stock Tornado video Available

Damage surveys conducted by National Weather Service in conjunction with emergency management have found evidence of three tornadoes from storms in Sullivan and Adair counties which struck on May 13, 2009. All tornadoes appeared to have been produced by the same supercell thunderstorm.

1) The first tornado to form touched down just north Milan, Missouri and proceeded east where it destroyed a mobile home killing a female occupant. The tornado continued eastward for a few more miles damaging numerous trees for before lifting. The damage produced by this tornado indicates it was of EF-1 strength.

 2) The second tornado to form touched down approximately 5 miles west of Novinger near Highway 149. This tornado destroyed a house and an out building west of Novinger before destroying a mobile home, and producing additional power line and minor building damage on the south side of Novinger. The tornado paralleled highway 6 east of Novinger, damaging numerous power poles for a few more miles before lifting. This tornado produced EF-1 damage along its track.

  3) The third tornado produced by this storm touched down about 2 miles west northwest of Kirksville and moved eastward through the northern part of the city. This tornado killed two people just northwest of Kirksville and went on to produce EF-1 damage to several structures in northern Kirksville including damage to a car dealership and several homes. Initially damage found east of Kirksville was thought to be the result of a separate tornado, however further analysis of the damage path shows that the tornado which struck northern Kirksville continued eastward into a rural area and strengthened. Several farmsteads were struck by this tornado east of Kirksville and at one point the tornado produced EF-2 damage.  home of Tornado Tim