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March 26 2005 There were several Tornado Watches issued identified as a
Particularly Dangerous Situation (DS)

This means that destructive tornadoes...large hail to 3 inches in diameter... thunderstorm wind gusts to 80 mph...and dangerous lightning are possible in these areas.  Remember...a tornado watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area.  Persons in these areas should be on the lookout for threatening  weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings.

The end result was that at 2230 UTC time -Monticello Lawrence Mississippi - Law enforcement employee reported a tornado headed toward Monticello. This employee was on hwy 84 headed toward Brookhaven. Many tornado warnings were being issued because Doppler radar continues to see strong rotation in many of the storms.  There were reports of a barn roof being blown off in Alabama, trees and power lines down multiple locations in Mississippi and Alabama. Also baseball sized hail was reported at Sleeta school in Covington Alabama with many other large damaging hail reports in several states.
The picture below shows what the weather channel predicts for the area.

Each year tornado and storm chasers get excited about these events hoping to get video of some spectacular tornado.  But what happened did not live up to the hype. With just two confirmed tornado touchdowns, it did not turn into a major tornado outbreak. What this teaches us is that even though we know what ingredients are needed to make for a severe tornado outbreak, we cannot know for certain when and if it will actually happen.  Often all the ingredients are there and in place, but for some reason do not produce the major outbreak one would expect.  Even though this was not a major tornado outbreak, please continue to follow your severe weather safety plan. The one time you think a tornado will not strike is the very time it probably will, so don't take chances. Remember, if severe weather approaches the safest place to be is under the ground, or as low to the ground as possible, and away from all windows. If you have a basement, make it your safe place. If you do not have a basement, consider an interior hallway or room on the lowest floor. Putting as many walls as you can between you and the outside will provide additional protection. If you have helmets for skateboarding, skiing, motorcycles, any helmet you have put in on your head and keep in on in the shelter. Head injuries can be the most severe. If you do not have any helmets, cover your head with your hands, a large pillow, seat cushions, even a large thick book, just find a way to protect your head.

Be sure to seek shelter in the appropriate place your life may depend on it.
Never use an overpass for protection if a tornado Approaches  home of Tornado Tim