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Basset Nebraska storm chase,  June 5, 1999
This was one of my most exciting storm chases. We intercepted two tornadoes within minutes of each other. Click below to read the full account and photos.

Basset Nebraska June 5th  1999

Basset Nebraska tornado  photos Part one

Large Basset Nebraska Tornado Part two

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Story, Son of a Tornado Chaser

Tornado Photos step by step
Tornado Photos step by step

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On May 3rd of 1999 a tornado hit Oklahoma lasting almost 3 hours and intensifying to an F5.  A Doppler Radar crew recorded winds of over 300 mph, a record. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed, while 1,000 other homes were damaged or deemed unsafe to live in. Over 700 people were injured. Many injuires were from people mistakenly thinking hiding under an overpass was safe, when in fact it caused several deaths and many serious injuries.  One lesson learned from this is that no one should ever hide under an over pass from a tornado.

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