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In 2010 Tornado Tim enjoyed speaking at the event in Brownsville Texas where the science of weather was the main event.

Tornado Tim films historic one of a kind HD video
Tornado Tim filmed HD video of the inside of the Kirksville Missouri tornado as it destroyed houses and slammed debris into his vehicle. This is one of a kind ground breaking HD video from inside a tornado with all the large debris flying over and into Tornado Tim as he filmed it.   Tornado Tim did many live interviews on The Weather Channel in 2009 with  Jim Cantore and others on the Kirksville Missouri tornado and the Plainview Texas tornadoes.

You also may have seen Tornado Tim Baker in the new TV series on The Weather Channel, "Tornado Road" in 2009/2010.  Also appearing on  "Top 20 Most Shocking: Escapes From Death" on Tru TV,  and now seen on Smash Cuts TV show featuring the Kirksville Tornado.

Video of Tornado Tim from his interview on Ralph TV.   Permission granted by Ralph TV to post this video on my site. Ralph TV is a weekly television series based on Ralph magazine
in Australia where Tornado Tim also appeared in a feature article.

News Flash: Look for Tornado Tim on Tornado Road on "The Weather channel"

    Listed in Media Newsroom Resources as a contact point about the chaser subculture, (published by the Radio-Television News Directors Association), Tornado Tim is someone you can trust. Reporting is available for radio or TV interviews about severe weather, just call.

    Tornado Tim Baker is representative of a new breed of chaser, giving you the heartbeat of the new chasing subculture.  Tim has a private pilots license, is a Tornado/storm chaser, author, photo/video journalist and guest speaker on tornadoes.

    What type of interview or news reporter can you expect from Tornado Tim.
If you are looking for an exciting interview, with plenty of enthusiasm Tornado Tim is the one you want. Tornado Tim shares his passion for severe weather in every interview and being both an author and tornado chaser, he speaks from experience with clarity.

    Experienced in both radio and TV, he has been on CNN, The Discovery channel, local and national TV and Radios shows. He has international experience working with France TV 2, NTV Russian network and Japanese TV networks and is a regular on the BBC radio network in the UK . We gladly welcome international crews wanting to work with us and will do everything we can to get you a great story.
      February 2008 Tornado Tim was interviewed on BBC about the terrible tornadoes on February 5th.  Also you could catch Tornado Tim on the Biography channel where he explained what might happen if a person was caught in a tornado for an episode on Urban Legends

     May of 2007 a large photo of Tornado Tim was seen on the front page of the Greeley Tribune Section C about his storm chasing and that same month he spoke at Greeley West High School and Longmont grade school.  He was heard several times on BBC radio doing live interviews, with one confirming to his fans in the UK that he did live through another very close encounter with a tornado.
     April 16th 2007 Tornado Tim spoke at the Rotary Club in Hutchinson Kansas at the Stringer Fine Arts Center. April 3rd 2007 Tornado Tim was on CN8 Art Fennell Show.   March 31st 2007 read about Tornado Tim's interview with Fort Worth's Star-Telegram about his theory on a need to enlarge tornado alley maps.   And yes it is true that Tim was in Hollywood doing some work with a studio for a few days in March.  January 2007 NewsTalk 1400 WOND interviewed Tim about storm chasing. December 2006 Tim was interviewed on LBC 97.3 radio's about the tornado in London. November 2006 Tornado Tim did an extensive interview for a Japanese broadcast and was the featured tornado educator in the show. October 2006 Tornado Tim did filming for a TV show- details to be released later.
   The week of June 12th Tornado Tim was seen around the US on CBS news as they did a special segment on Tim chasing with his daughter as a fathers day tribute.
May 10th Tornado Tim was featured on Denver 9 News, CBS News 4 and Denver's Channel 2 news for his work in area high schools on tornado education.
   May 5th 2006 French TV, (France 2) chased with Tim and caught a classic tornado in Martin County Texas. On April 11, 2006 Tim did an interview on 970 WMAY radio Molson and Lee show.  March 1st 2006 Tornado Tim was a guest on the Van Patrick Show  710 KCMO-AM Kansas City. On February 2006 Tornado Tim did an extensive Podcast interview on the Technorama show with Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe. On November 7th 2005 Tornado Tim was on  ABC/KGO Radio and on November 9th 2005 he did an interview on MSNBC TV. September 16th 2005 he was live on Debbie Nigro's nationally syndicated show and in August of 2005 he gave a report on hurricane Katrina on LBC 97.3 radio's Alison Bell show. An article was written about him in BBC Top Gear September 2005 magazine.  Tornado Tim was on the Doug Stephan's show in May of 2004 for a live interview. May of 2004 Tornado Tim was featured on NTV Russian TV Network as a storm chaser. In May of 2003 CNN filmed Tim live on air as they chased down tornado producing storms in Kansas.

If you are interested in an interview or on the spot reporting, or hiring Tim as a chasing guide, Contact him at:  970-673-7895  Number for TV and radio stations only please or

Tornado Tim is available for speaking engagements.
Tim has spoken at schools, camps, seminars, and church groups.   Check for availability today.  home of Tornado Tim