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December Tornado History

December Tornado 1959 to 2004December 1959 to 2004            
Total Reported Tornadoes 888 with   
0 F5    7 F4     71 F3   200 F2   352 F1    258 F0
Of the total tornadoes 31% would be classified as strong/violent during this period.  29 States in the US have recorded tornadoes in December since 1959.  5 of these tornadoes have had a track length of greater than 50 miles.  During December 68 deaths have been recorded from these tornadoes from 1959 to 2004.

Most people think of Christmas time and the holidays in December, but this time of year can catch people by surprise and bring deadly tornadoes.

December  2006   Killer Tornadoes: 2     Fatalities: 2
 24 Dec 1 03:15 PM S Halifax PA 1 fatality  F1 WS874 Pole blown down onto vehicle.  

25 Dec 29 02:00 PM 2 W Groesbeck TX 1 fatality  F2 WT886 Up to 50 homes damaged.

December  2002   Killer Tornadoes: 3     Fatalities: 4
 26 Dec 17 11:05 PM Mt. Vernon MO 2 Fatalities F2 WT 778 Tornado hit Luck Lady trailer park and 3 homes east of trailer park.  

27 Dec 18 01:53 AM Lamar MO 1 Fatality F1 WT 779 At least three frame homes and one mobile home destroyed.  

27 Dec 18 03:35 PM Hamlet AR 1 Fatality F3 WT 785 Number of residences destroyed. 84 yr. old woman thrown from mobile home.


Some of this Data is From the Storm Prediction Center website provided by NOAA/ National Weather Service National Centers for Environmental Prediction Storm Prediction Center 1313 Halley Circle Norman, OK U.S.A.  home of Tornado Tim