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July Tornado History

July Tornado 1959 to 2004July 1959 to 2004            
Total Reported Tornadoes 4809 with   
1 F5    15 F4     81 F3   502 F2   1483 F1    2727 F0
Of the total tornadoes 12% would be classified as strong/violent during this period.  47 States in the US have recorded tornadoes in July since 1959.  10 of these tornadoes have had a track length of greater than 50 miles.  During July 47 deaths have been recorded from these tornadoes from 1959 to 2004.

Tornado Moberly  Missouri  July 4, 1995
One only needs to look at the tornado at Moberly Missouri July 4, 1995 to see that July can pack a punch. Storms produced tornadoes over northeastern Kansas and northern Missouri on 4 July 1995. When 4th of July celebrations began that morning no one in Moberly expected a tornado would make this a day no one living there would be able to forget.  There were also tornadoes over northeastern Kansas and northern Missouri on 4 July 1995. Here are a few tornado photos from some that were there on that day. 

Tornado Photo credit Theresa Barron Tornado Photo credit Theresa Barron

Damage Photo credit Pearl Barron


Damage Photo credit Pearl Barron Colorado Tornado Riverside Reservoir  July 21 2000
Tornado Tim while driving home towards Greeley  Colorado using only his trained eyes noticed this storm and its potential. Tim did not have any radar, thunderstorm warnings or information about this storm beyond what he could see with his eyes. After chasing for enough years you begin to recognize a thunderstorm’s potential. Weather data, Doppler radar, and knowing the winds aloft are great for planning ahead, but when it comes down to it, you need to be able to recognize a dangerous cloud with your eyes. Below is Tim’s chase log as his ride home from work quickly changed from a normal ride home into a tornado chase that he would never forget.

Friday night, July 21st,   about 4:50 pm. I noticed a cloud north of Greeley Colorado that appeared to have the potential for producing a tornado.  Skeptical, I stopped at home, got on the internet and checked the Storm Prediction Center predictions, then I looked at radar, and decided that my visual observations were accurate. 

Tornado July 21st 2000  Tornado July 21st 2000

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