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Approaching tornado

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Colorado Tornado Riverside Reservoir  July 21 2000
Tornado Tim while driving home towards Greeley  Colorado using only his trained eyes noticed this storm and its potential. Tim did not have any radar, thunderstorm warnings or information about this storm beyond what he could see with his eyes. After chasing for enough years you begin to recognize a thunderstorm’s potential. Weather data, Doppler radar, and knowing the winds aloft are great for planning ahead, but when it comes down to it, you need to be able to recognize a dangerous cloud with your eyes. Below is Tim’s chase log as his ride home from work quickly changed from a normal ride home into a tornado chase that he would never forget.

Friday night, July 21st,   about 4:50 pm. I noticed a cloud north of Greeley Colorado that appeared to have the potential for producing a tornado.  Skeptical, I stopped at home, got on the internet and checked the Storm Prediction Center predictions, then I looked at radar, and decided that my visual observations were accurate. 

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5 Deadliest Tornadoes
Date Location Deaths
1. March 18, 1925 Tri-State (Mo., Ill., Ind.) 689
2. May 6, 1840 Natchez, Miss. 317
3. May 27, 1896 St. Louis, Mo. 255
4. April 5, 1936 Tupelo, Miss. 216
5. April 6, 1936 Gainesville, Ga. 203
Scientists studying the tornadoes in Oklahoma on May 3, 1999  measured wind speeds of 318 miles per hour, the highest ever documented on Earth. Scientist Joshua Wurman and his team accomplished this by using two Doppler radar units mounted on separate trucks to study the tornadoes that ravaged the Oklahoma City area on May 3.  The Doppler radar units used measure winds more than 65 feet above the ground, making it difficult to compare this data with the Fujita scale.
Click below for a complete report of the tornado.  Watch the life cycle of a tornado as it forms. Below are   pictures of the tornado it produced.  

Tornado July 21st 2000Tornado July 21st 2000  home of Tornado Tim