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June Tornadoes

June Tornado 1959 to 2004June 1959 to 2004            
Total Reported Tornadoes 8499 with   
5 F5    53 F4     213 F3   1021 F2   2638 F1    4569 F0
Of the total tornadoes 15% would be classified as strong/violent during this period which is a drop in percent of violent tornadoes from the month of April which was a high 29%.  47 States in the US have recorded tornadoes in June since 1959.    26 of these tornadoes have had a track length of greater than 50 miles.  During June 210 deaths have been recorded from these tornadoes from 1959 to 2004.

Although June sees less typically sees less tornadoes than May,  it can also be a very busy month for tornadoes.  In June of 2003 I was out chasing just north of 20 just past the city of Atkinson Nebraska where a large wall cloud formed.  As I continued traveling east, just to the north and east of me the wall cloud begin to form into a huge tornado. We were now watching our second tornado form, but this one was much larger.

It was only a few minutes before the tornado picked up in intensity around Emmet Nebraska where it reached  F3 intensity on the Fujita scale. 

    At this point it was clear I was next to a  very large and destructive tornado. It was looking like a real monster  and was shaped more like a stovepipe.  You can read the whole story here.

June  2004   Killer Tornadoes: 2     Fatalities: 2
07 Jun 23 07:35 PM Markesan WI
1 F3 WS515 damaged.  
08 Jun 26 05:05 PM Cameron TX
1 F1 - Corrugated workshop destroyed.

June  2003   Killer Tornadoes: 2     Fatalities: 2
15 Jun 22 05:43 PM Deshler NE
1 F2 WT562 Male killed leaving workshop to take shelter. 30 homes damaged or destroyed.  
16 Jun 23 08:43 PM Coleridge NE
1 F4 WT568 Destroyed a farmstead killing man who took cover inside storage shed.

June  2001   Killer Tornadoes: 3     Fatalities: 5
11 Jun 7 05:24 AM Zachary LA
1 F1 Man killed when tree fell onto pickup he was driving.  

12 Jun 11 01:30 PM Jacksonville FL
1 F0 Man crushed to death as tree fell onto living room.  

13 Jun 18 07:20 PM Siren/Grantsburg WI
3 F3 445

Some of this Data is From the Storm Prediction Center website provided by NOAA/ National Weather Service National Centers for Environmental Prediction Storm Prediction Center 1313 Halley Circle Norman, OK U.S.A.

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