Definition Mammatus Clouds - Rounded, smooth, sack-like protrusions hanging from the underside of a cloud (usually a thunderstorm anvil). Mammatus clouds often accompany severe thunderstorms, but do not produce severe weather; they may accompany non-severe storms as well. See photos below of some that storm chasers have seen while chasing. Remember, mammatus clouds do not guarantee a storm is tornadic, but usually are seen when a storm does produce a tornado. This is one cloud you will always be looking for when chasing sever weather

Greeley Colorado by Tornado Tim

Wichita, Ks. June 19, 1998. Photo by Rich Blosser

Lawrence, KS in spring 2000.  Photo by Michael Riner


Chase Behee took these photos of mammatus clouds outside of Dodge City, Kansas on or about April 20, 2005...There were a couple of tornado warnings for Clark and Meade counties at approximately the same time he took the pics, but I am not too sure if any tornados actually  touched down with these.
Great work Chase.


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