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April  2009
3 Dead, Dozens Injured After Tornado Hits Mena Arkansas..Read More
Video report on the Mena Tornado click here to see video

Read more about April Torando History - Frequency and LocationFast Fact: April 3-4, 1974, a super tornado outbreak occurred and was the worst tornado outbreak in U.S. history. That day an incredible six F5 tornadoes struck. Remember there are many years were no F5 tornadoes happen, so that many in one day is almost unthinkable.  Known as one of the Super Tornado Outbreaks,  148 twisters struck in that one day alone. 13 states were struck by twisters: Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Also an incredible statistic was that 118 of the tornadoes had paths over a mile long.
March  2009
March tornado Statistics.
March is a dangerous month for tornadoes.
Tornadoes March 1959 to 2006
Total Reported Tornadoes 2702

4 F5  44 F4  198 F3    554 F2   980 F1    922 F0

Global climate change and Global warming proponents may need to look a this report about how global hurricane activity worldwide is on the decrease. Tropical cyclone (TC) activity worldwide has completely and utterly collapsed during the past 2 to 3 years with TC energy levels sinking to levels not seen since the late 1970s. Read more here to understand the data

February  2009
Historic church destroyed, member killed in apparent Hancock County tornado
Damage clearly looks like a strong tornado hit the area. Read More....
Severe Storms leave one dead with tornadoes spotted in Georgia.
Read Fox News Report here..................

 Historical Tornado potential for January.
January Tornado 1959 to 2004January 1959 to 2004            
Total Reported Tornadoes 908 with   
0 F5    10 F4     45 F3   198 F2   334 F1   321 F0
Of the total tornadoes 28% would be classified as strong/violent during this period.  31 States in the US have recorded tornadoes in January since 1959.  6 of these tornadoes have had a track length of greater than 50 miles. During January 108 deaths have been recorded from these tornadoes from 1959 to 2004.

 December  2008
Tornadoes reported as early December gets hit with tornadoes. Tornadoes reported in several states on December 9th and 10th... Read more...

October  2008
Alaska Glaciers growing from Colder temperatures this year. With June, July and August temperatures being so cool and the heavy winters snows the Glaciers in Alaska are growing again. Read more here....
A record cold snap in Mendocino County California....
Tucson International Airport recorded 38 degrees Monday morning - 5 degrees colder than the Oct. 13, 1931 breaking all records. read more
Port Augusta Australia experiences coldest August in years read more..
Perth Australia records coldest September night on record read more..
Cold temperatures set several new record lows this weekend, including a low of 22 Saturday in downtown Pendleton Oregon that broke a 118 year-old record of 24. read more ....

Signs of Global cooling: Solar winds at 50-year-low  Read more here..
Farmers Almanac predicts Global Cooling - A mini Iceage  read more here..
FLASHBACK February 2008
Terrible winter around the world - Colder than Normal
Rare snow blankets Jerusalem
Heavy snow cuts off Greek villages
Athens was covered in several centimeters of snow

China's snow and bitter winter worst in 100 years
Israel worst winter in years
Worst Winter in Decades in Afghanista

September  2008
Hurricane Kyle information, get the latest information here.......

August 2008
Hurricane Ike very dangerous and unpredictable right now. read more..
Hurricane Ike a Category 4 storm causing extensive damage to Turks and Caicos With 135 mph (215 kph) winds battering the Islands. Read more here.

Violent Tornado killed 16 cows in Bay of Plenty in the Jackson Rd area, east of Opotiki New Zealand. Read more here....

Visit the Storm chasers social network and hang out with other weather enthusiasts from around the world.
Gov. Charlie Crist declared a state of emergency for Florida. This could be bad for southern Florida.
Is it going to be Hurricane Fay when it hits land.  Read all the details here.....

Freak Tornado Kills three people in the village of Hautmont in le Nord France. ... Read more here.. 
Tornado damage photos here of tornado that hit France

July 2008
Grandmother gives her life to shield 3 month old baby from Tornado...... read more here   The National Weather Service has confirmed it was a tornado.   Read the whole story in the Boston Globe here so very sad........

Hurricane Dolly headed for Texas and Mexico Coasts
Hurricane Dolly info here -  up to the minute info here
A cold summer in Alaska "Where's the heat?" With temperatures averaging below normal Anchorage is the place to cool down this summer. Read More
Lightning kills 5 in on week  Remember lightning is dangerous
Bertha has strengthened to become the first hurricane of the Atlantic season.
Hurricane Bertha direction forecast and information here..
Keep up to date on the latest information on Hurricane Bertha, where will it hit?

June 2008

Tornado hits Boy Scout Camp, leaves 4 dead.
The four boys who were killed by the tornado were model scouts
Boy Scout Camp aftermath video
Tornado rips apart Kansas Town leaving 2 dead
Detailed Manhattan Kansas tornado Information here
  The NWS Topeka has completed the storm survey for the Manhattan area.  The maximum intensity of this tornado rated EF4.  EF4 damage occurred at Amherst Ave. and Peachtree circle and had a path width of 1/4 mile at this point. 

May 2008
Tornado Deaths high in 2008 worst in decades.......Read More

Video of Tornado as it wipes out a pig farm in Oklahoma here....
Windsor Colorado Tornado warnings were late or never. Read more.... Windsor, Fort Collins and Larimer County residents did not get warnings before tornado hit.

What is going on with the weather in 2008? Greeley Colorado area is my home base city and while I am out of town it gets hit with a large tornado so I am not there to witness this historic event. I have friends who have been severly impacted by this.  I am heading back today to Greeley. 
Here are a few stories of interest.. 
Greeley Colorado Tornado Photo
Windsor Residents Assess Damage After Tornados

Aguilera: Tornado May Have Been A Mile Wide

Snow, Hail, Tornadoes Hit Southern California

Tornado Outbreak hits Missouri and Oklahoma hard with many fatalities.  Tornadoes raked over 6 states with many destructive tornadoes reported. It appears a large and violent tornadic storm moved from southeastern Kansas through Ottawa County Oklahoma then into Southwestern Missouri leaving a devastating path of destruction and many deaths.
Tornadoes leave at least 19 dead...  CNN Report
Tornadoes Tear Across Central U.S., Killing 19 Fox News Report

Here are the RAW SPC tornado Reports

Tornadoes Hit Arkansas with 7 dead as storms rake State again.  Arkansas death toll rises to 26 this year as it continues to get pounded in 2008.  Arkansas is tornado alley in 2008 as storms and tornadoes cause death and destruction repeatedly.  Read More ...
AP article on death toll for year

 April 2008
At least 3 tornadoes hit in Virginia causing extensive damage and injuring hundreds....
Damage over large area,  hospital hit by twister

Tornado Flips Cars and Planes In and around Little Rock Arkansas
The tornado hit after dark.... read more here
The Storm Chasing season is getting into full swing. This is the month the roads begin to get clogged with hundreds of chasers around the world converging on the plains of the US in search of violent tornadoes.  What will chase season 2008 bring? 
What are the odds for tornadoes in April? read here....

 March 2008
This is the first tornado on record to hit downtown Atlanta
The Polk County Sheriff has indicated that there are two confirmed fatalities in the Von Loop and Wax Road damage.  The National Weather Service said that they have received reports of damage to a number of mobile homes and the elementary school in Taylorsville in Bartow County. read more here
Tornado Downtown Atlanta damage to Skyscrapers

Georgia Woman Caught in Tornado Lives
Read her story of being caught in a tornado...
Tornadoes Rip Apart Florida and Georgia Friday March 7

Tornado photo from Kansas tornado Sunday afternoon March 2nd
Photo of tornado was shot from South Milan Rd. just after 5:00 pm.
Tornadoes touch down in Blaine County Oklahoma.
See video of Blaine County Tornado here
Tornado chances for March  2008 When and where they might happen.
Tornado Tim will be on TV Tuesday, March 11th @ 11 pm ET on the Biography Channel in an episode called "Weird Woundings"  It is about A young man who is lifted up by a tornado and tossed more than 300 meters and lives.  We do several myth buster style experiments and you do the judging as to did the event really happen. Don't miss it. Show repeats on Wednesday, March 12 3:00am.
February 2008
Global Warming and Tornado Frequency
Read about global warming and tornadoes.

Weather extremes as Worst winter hits parts of the world while US suffers record tornadoes in February
Terrible winter around the world - Colder than Normal
Rare snow blankets Jerusalem
Heavy snow cuts off Greek villages
Athens was covered in several centimeters of snow

China's snow and bitter winter worst in 100 years
Israel worst winter in years
Worst Winter in Decades in Afghanista

Tornado reports in Alabama, Georgia and Florida on Sunday top 30. Multiple people injured.
Sunday February 17th 2008 tornado reports
SPC Tornado Reports list
Tornadoes rip apart sections of the southern US States
Tornadoes leave damage from Alabama to Florida
Tornado Damage and injuries reported on Sunday

Person killed when lifted by tornado into the air

Tornado leaves 44 dead as damage reports flow in.
Three people have been killed in the Atkins Arkansas area in a tornado according to THV TV in Arkansas.  People are missing, damage extensive in Arkansas.  Memphis Tennessee reports extensive damage, airport hit, Hickory Ridge mall hit cars overturned....
Tornado Reports In Detail
Tornadoes often occur in February. Last year 22 people were killed by tornadoes in the US.  Read more here......

January 2008
A First! Snow Falls in Baghdad
U.S. Senate Report: Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims Senate Report Debunks "Consensus" Read more here...
Tornadoes and Floods leave 8 dead
Tornadoes tear up Midwest with at least 2 dead.
Tornado deaths and report here for January outbreak
Tornado chances for January  2008 read here how tornado deaths have occurred the last 4 years in January reminding us that deadly tornadoes can happen at any time of the year. 
   With many areas experiencing warmer than normal temperatures,  traditional tornado alley maps don't seem to represent those climate changes accurately. read more here.....

Tornado Tim will be on Urban Legends TV show episode called “Weird Woundings” next airs on Wednesday, January 09 @ 3:30 am ET

Global Cooling may be coming Read about the work of Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin, Merited Scientist of Russia and fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, is staff researcher of the Oceanology Institute.

Deaths from weather disasters is falling.......
2007 Hurricane season not as big as predicted.

     Latest Storm, Hail, and Tornado Reports

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    June 5th, 1805 a massive tornado started in Missouri and then crossed the Mississippi river into Illinois. Fish were scattered all over the countryside of Illinois and some pine treetops were carried to distances of 50 miles away. The path would have taken it over what is today known as Mt. Vernon. One section of the damage path was ¾ of a mile wide. Reports were that clothing from one home that was hit were carried 8 miles.

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    When getting close is too close
    O'Neil Nebraska Tornado

    Tornado History

    Oldest Known Tornado Photo
    Historic NWS Collection  NOAA/Department of Commerce


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