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Premium Weather Service
With Predictive Radar

Tornado Warnings, severe weather alerts, watches and warnings sent to your wireless device. Premium weather service is personalized for you to keep you informed and warned about severe weather when you need it most with the easiest weather maps on the net. Find out why our premium service is becoming one of the fastest growing services offered on the internet by joining today.

Don't ignore important weather warnings
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Think About This
Weather watching - Doppler Radar can help
Two of the most important things that you can learn about storms through Doppler radar are the intensity and location of storms. Using this important information you are then equipped to watch the storms as the warnings for specific areas are given. Doppler radar is what aids meteorologists in sending out tornado warnings and it can help you see exactly where the storm is with your own eyes. If the Storm Prediction Center issues a tornado watch it means that conditions are right for the development of severe storms with the ability to produce tornadoes. You can then begin to monitor the storms on radar as they build. You will see any storms that might have a tornado right on your screen. Then our program will map the path the tornado is likely to take so you can see where it is headed.
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Watching the perfect storm on your computer can be great fun. Storm watching from your home computer can also help keep your family safe. You will be warned when severe weather is headed your way, and then you can monitor the storms yourself from within our program. With our predictive radar you can see where storms will likely be later on in the day.

Understanding Doppler
   How it works and why it helps


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