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This past year we have been researching infrasonic tornado detection devices. Below are a few of the documents we have been studying.  We hope to try out at least one tornado detector this spring. It appears infrasonic tornado detection will be some of the latest technology used to help keep people informed to tornadoes and their approaching danger.

Why do I believe we need to find better ways to keep people aware of tornadoes? Sad to say that in 2002 a  tornado bore down on the Douglas farmhouse in Kiowa county Kansas but they were unaware of the danger.  How is it that they were un-aware of the approaching tornado until it hit them?  Think about it, over 12 chasers in the area watching this tornado for over 30 minutes, tornado warnings out, yet they were not in their shelter. 

This is a real problem we need to over come if we are going to save more lives.  The National Weather Service is doing a great job at getting out tornado warnings well in advance of the tornadoes path. The Storm Prediction Center is doing a great job at putting out tornado watches well in advance for almost all storms.  Why is it that people sit in their homes while a tornado watch is issued for their area and not think about what they might do for shelter if a tornado does materialize? It appears to me that we have vastly improved our technology for tornado warnings, but we have not made the same strides in getting people to react properly to the watches and warnings.  We hope to develop a system that will alert even people who would not normally be watching for a tornado.  Be a part of our research by donating today.

Infrasonic Tornado Detection Research Papers

81656.pdf 81466.pdf
81912.pdf 81665.pdf
81764.pdf torando detection july2003.pdf
infrasonic device.pdf infasonicdetector.pdf