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We ran into many storm chase vehicles when NTV Russian TV Network was part of our team for a few days in May. We showed them the subculture of tornado and storm chasing.  It was a pleasure working with Vasiliy Arkonov and Sergey Gusev who got to see the storm chasing subculture first hand for their documentary on chasing and Tornado Tim to be seen in Russia.
vasiliyt.jpg (8609 bytes) ntvlogo.gif (2163 bytes)
Here they are hard at work as usual. Sergey, a great photographer spoke little English, but still managed to make us feel like friends. Vasiliy the New York bureau's Chief Correspondent worked so well with us we wished they could have stayed longer.
sergeyt.jpg (9687 bytes) They both made a great addition to our team. I only wish they were along for the whole season. The video Sergey shot was incredible. Some people have great skill at getting good video and he is one of them. He saw opportunities to film that I would have missed.
tvit.jpg (8157 bytes) Talk about a great chase vehicle Sean shoots video in this.
Vasiliy Arkonov and Sergey Gusev are seen here interviewing Sean next to his Tornado Intercept Vehicle. This vehicle is one of a kind and great idea for getting tornado closeups. Sean is a great guy and very enjoyable to talk with.
busht.jpg (8459 bytes) This vehicle has not been designed to penetrate tornadoes only to film them at close quarters. They are in the process of producing an Imax film on tornadoes, which will be released in 2008. I know I can't wait to see his work. It is one strange looking vehicle, but I wouldn't mind having one myself. Any sponsors wanting to help me just let me know.
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imaxt.jpg (5249 bytes) Seen here is the camera used to give us those incredible IMAX movies taken by Sean.   I was told it weighs around 150 pounds. It has a frame rate of 24 frames per second on 70 mm film.
dopt.jpg (7478 bytes) A classic vehicle in storm chasing is this Doppler on Wheels. Expert Josh Wurman, a tornado scientist, has captured the fast winds in the world with Doppler radar of over 300 miles per hour. If you see this vehicle near a gas station let them in first because it takes over 20 minutes to fill the tank, and time is vital to their work. Help them out.
interviewt.jpg (6495 bytes) We tried to convey all the aspects of tornado chasing to our Russian friends and enjoyed sharing my passion for severe weather with them in their interview. We did everything we could to give them a great story.