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Learn how to chase storms
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Storm Chasing Fantasy Camps
All classes held during storm season may give you the opportunity for an encounter with a tornado. Based in Greeley Colorado we get storms through most of June and sometimes into August.   We have three ways for you to learn how to chase storms;
1. Mobile training ride along
2. Follow Tornado Tim in your own vehicle
3. Local chasing in Colorado
    Local chases are cheaper, but offer less opportunity for chasing the most intense storms. Mobile training offers the best opportunity to see a tornado. Follow along is the cheapest, but the most demanding on you and your car.
     If your fantasy is to chase like the pros, you will want to choose the mobile chasing classes and roam the heart of tornado alley with Tornado Tim.
What will I Receive at the training?
We teach you weather basics and basic forecasting
We teach you the basics on where to start what to do
We teach you the basics on predicting weather patterns
We teach you insider secrets of storm chasing
We will study and observe weather data and apply it to storm chasing every day.
Our school is very personal, we will do everything we can to teach you all you need to know for chasing tornadoes.
It could be you chasing this tornado
Be a part of the real thing instead of just talking about it. 


Chasing Fantasy Camp


Age requirement: Anyone under the age of 16 must have permission from a parent or guardian and be responsible enough to be on your own without supervision. We welcome anyone who is interested in storm chasing and severe weather.  home of Tornado Tim