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September Tornado History

September Tornado 1959 to 2004September 1959 to 2004            
Total Reported Tornadoes 2389 with   
0 F5    9 F4     70 F3   328 F2   774 F1    1208 F0
Of the total tornadoes 17% would be classified as strong/violent during this period.  48 States in the US have recorded tornadoes in September since 1959.  11 of these tornadoes have had a track length of greater than 50 miles.  During September 73 deaths have been recorded from these tornadoes from 1959 to 2004.

Tornadoes are often associated with hurricanes and tropical storms in September as you can see by looking at the last several years in the United States.  Tornadoes also tend to be more in the southern states in September, but no one should think that means it can't happen else where.  Tornadoes can and occasionally do happen in areas not normally expected, so be sure you never let your guard down when severe weather approaches you area.

September  2006   Killer Tornadoes: 1     Fatalities: 1
Sep 16 08:58 PM Rogers MN
1 F2 WT776 50 homes destroyed...200-300 homes damaged.

September  2005   Killer Tornadoes: 1     Fatalities: 1
Sep 24 03:13 PM Isola MS 1 F1 WT813 Tornado associated with remnants of Hurricane Rita...extensive damage to two subdivisions.

September  2004   Killer Tornadoes: 6     Fatalities: 9
 Sep 15 02:00 PM Panama City Beach FL 1 F2 WT825 Significant damage to Hamilton's Restaurant.  

Sep 15 02:43 PM Allentown FL 1 F1 WT825 Wood frame house lifted 60 ft. off its foundation.  

Sep 15 04:25 PM Parker FL 1 F? WT825 People trapped underneath rubble of damaged home.

Sep 15 07:00 PM Blountstown FL 4 F? WT825 Multiple homes destroyed...tornado associated with Hurricane Ivan.

Sep 16 02:00 PM Carnesville GA 1 F? WT828 Twenty-five homes damaged or destroyed. Fatality occurred when tree fell onto a car.

Sep 27 07:12 PM Ridgeway SC 1 F2 WT844 Tornado associated with Hurricane Jeanne destroyed 5 mobile homes.
Some of this Data is From the Storm Prediction Center website provided by NOAA/ National Weather Service National Centers for Environmental Prediction Storm Prediction Center 1313 Halley Circle Norman, OK U.S.A. home of Tornado Tim