Storm Chaser Code
Please pay attention to following these rules.  There are some chasers out there that are a pain in the neck to everyone and it is getting to where it effects safety.  I had one officer tell me of chasers blocking the road for safety vehicles during a tornado.  Several chasers are now filming other chasers that are breaking the law and sending the video to local and state police. 
Don't be one of the problem chasers, follow the rules and be courteous.


  • Don't get in the way of Law Enforcement or Emergency Vehicles
  • Don't follow other chasers without permission - ASK
  • Don't Speed! - Safety First - Keep the Law
  • Don't litter - Respect the environment of other states and counties
  • Don't drive on private property; you can do thousands of dollars damage to fields. It is also against the law.  Always respect other peoples property.

Do be a safe storm chaser - Storm chasing can be dangerous

  • Help other chasers- If you see another chaser in trouble help them out
  • Evaluate the situation - How much danger am I in?
  • Notify proper authority - Care about those who are hurt in a tornado, call for help when people are injured.
  • Park well off the road when watching, filming and photographing storms.
  • Learn before you Storm chase "get educated" just because you have seen a movie 10 times doesn't mean you are now ready to be a storm chaser. Read college level meteorology books and learn everything you can about severe weather predicting. Ignorance can be fatal.
  • Ride with an experienced chaser to learn before going it alone
  • Take your time - you can't learn it all the first year

Warning: Storm chasing exposes one to many weather hazards, such as lightning, dangerous roads, damaging winds, hail, and flying debris which puts the chaser's/spotters life at risk, particularly those who have little or no experience and/or storm structure education, and should only be done by trained persons.  You can be killed by participating in this kind of activity, so don't think it is all fun and games; it can be fatal if you make a mistake. The author(s) of these pages and the contents therein is (are) not responsible for any of your actions as a result of what you see here!

Weather Glossary


Weather Glossary


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