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SUPERCELL definition and PHOTOS

What is a Supercell? A simple definition for a supercell would be: a thunderstorm with a deep persistent rotating updraft (mesocyclone). This rotation of the storm is the major difference between supercells and multicell storms. Supercells are rare, but are responsible for most severe weather events - especially tornadoes. Very large hail and damaging straight-line winds are also created by supercells. Supercells tend to travel to the right of the main steering winds which chasers call right movers. Chasers may also talk of HP storms(high precipitation) and LP storms(Low Precipitation) which are varieties of storms, but whether or not they qualify as a supercell is dependent on them having this deep persistent rotating updraft.
For more info see our Weather Glossary.

Simply a most incredible supercell seen here in South Dakota.

Tornado Photos step by step
Tornado Photos step by step
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