Make a Rain Gauge

Rain clouds are made of droplets of water so small there are billions of them in a single cloud. How much rain falls during a shower, or during a day, week, or month? You can find out by measuring it with a rain gauge.


  • a printed copy of the "Rain Gauge Ruler", below
  • a straight-sided glass container, such as a bottle for olives
  • scissors
  • clear cellophane or plastic sandwich bag
  • tape
  • rainy day


  1. CUT out the Rain Guage Ruler.
  2. COVER the ruler with clear cellophane, front and back. This will protect it from the rain, and make it sturdy so that the ruler can stand straight.
  3. STAND the ruler inside the glass container so that the ruler rests on the bottom of the container.
  4. TAPE it at the top, to the inside of the jar, so that the ruler does not fall.
  5. PLACE your rain gauge outside.
  6. MEASURE the amount of rainfall each day.

Rain Gauge Ruler