Wall Cloud Definition -
A localized, persistent, often abrupt lowering from a rain-free base. Wall clouds can range from a fraction of a mile up to nearly five miles in diameter, and normally are found on the south or southwest (inflow) side of the thunderstorm. When seen from within several miles, many wall clouds exhibit rapid upward motion and cyclonic rotation. However, not all wall clouds rotate. Rotating wall clouds usually develop before strong or violent tornadoes, by anywhere from a few minutes up to nearly an hour. Wall clouds should be monitored visually for signs of persistent, sustained rotation and/or rapid vertical motion.
Giant Wall Cloud
On Kansas/Nebraska border. Photo by Tornado Tim

hesmat1sm.gif (3638 bytes) hesmat2sm.gif (3674 bytes) hesmat3sm.gif (3406 bytes)
Haven, Ks March 13, 1990, Photos by  (Matt Dennis)

Near Sedgwick, Ks April 9, 1990. Photos by (Matt Dennis)
wallcloud2sm.jpg (1195 bytes) 
Near Jetmore, Ks May 16, 1995. Photos by Scott Overpeck
wallcloud3sm.jpg (1292 bytes)
Sumner County, May 25 1997.  Just to the northwest of the large supercell the produced a large tornado. Photo by Matt Dennis
25may97dsm.gif (3647 bytes) 
  Kingman, Ks.  May 25, 1997. Photo by Rich Thompson of the SPC. 
michwallcldsm.jpg (1582 bytes) 
Lawrence, KS, May 1998.   Photo by Michael Riner
momwallsm.gif (4122 bytes) 
Near Augusta, Ks.   June 13th 1998.  Photo by Linda Dennis
53199wcsm.jpg (1217 bytes)  sitkanperrystormsm.jpg (1242 bytes) 
Ashland, Kansas May 31, 1999.  Photo by Paul Marinsky
Lawrence, Kansas April 14, 2001.  Photo by Michael Riner

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